Russian Transhumanist Movement opens the new year with the 6th session of its Seminar on transhumani

The Sixth Seminar on transhumanism and scientific immortalism was held on September 22, 2005 in the auditorium of Africa Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. This was the first session of the Seminar after its registration in the Philosophical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

About 30 people attended the session, including some participants who came from Kiev, Volgograd, Bryansk. The audience included scientists working in natural sciences, humanities, researchers from Russian Academy of Sciences institutes, Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow State University, philosophers, businessmen and programmers.

After a brief introduction of the participants, Igor Artyukhov presented the results of the Seminar in the first half of 2005.

  1. A. Khalyavkin, Ph.D., Alexey Peregudov and Igor Artyukhov gave a presentation about two conferences that they attended: 11th Congress Of The International Association Of Biomedical Gerontology (Denmark, August 13-16, 2005) and Strategies For Engineered Negligible Senescence conference (Cambridge, UK, September 7-12, 2005)
  2. Yan Korchmaryuk, Ph.D. (Volgograd) gave a very interesting 10-minute presentation about settleretics, a scientific approach to mind uploading to other mediums, such as computers.
  3. V. Novoseltsev, Ph.D. (Full Doctor) (Institute of Management, Russian Academy of Sciences, chairman of the "Modelling of population processes" seminar) gave a talk on bio-memetics, a science of finding solutions to engineering problems in nature.
  4. Boris Rezhabek, Ph.D., a life-extention activist, described proposals from Research Institute of Experimental pathology and therapy in Sukhumi and introduced the Active Longevity Lab. project (to be created in Primorskoe village near Novij Afon).
  5. Valeriya Udalova, a PR specialist, brought everyone up to date on the development of a new site of the Russian Transhumanist Movement that will soon be launched at
  6. Businessman Yury Shpitalnij gave a speech proposing to organize a congress on radical life extension in Russia in 2007.

Finally, Igor Artyukhov described the plans for the seminar and the transhumanist community for the year 2005/2006.

Among the audience was Alexander Eremin, a transhumanist activist from Bryansk - one of the early participants of the Russian Transhumanist Movement (RTM). He has recently published a pilot issue of "Bessmertie" ("Immortality") magazine. Alexander promised to actively participate in the work of the reinvigorated movement.

An inventor Valentin Sizov offered his assistance in organising a transhumanist art exhibition (last year the international group Ultrafuturo organised such an exhibition in Moscow) or a concert of transhumanist music (there is a talented Russian transhumanist group "Complex Numbers" headed by Viktor Argonov

The next (7th) session of the Seminar will be held sometime in October (the tentative date is October 27th). One of the speakers will be Danila Medvedev, who will talk about his participation in TransVision 2005 and about the experimental cryosuspension carried out recently in Saint-Petersburg (see

The Russian Transhumanist Movement was organised in December 2003 with the goal of readying the society for the emergence of transhumanist technologies. Since then the members of the Movement has participated in several scientific conferences, presenting papers on different aspects of transhumanism. The Movement is promoted at related seminars with immortalist and transhumanist materials distributed.

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