RTM activity Report for July 2012

RTM activity Report for July 2012




The repair works in kryodepositary and guest house are being continued. The plan of Pichugin’s scientific research for the next year is being made. It will include a series of final experiments of reversible kryoconservation on rat hippocampal slices, further studies of mouse heart reversible vitrification and other new concepts. A new website - already the 3rd for the history of our cryocompany existence - is being improved http://kriorus.ru.

The speeches of Yuri Pichugin about cryonics at the last year research conferences are published on our website (http://kriorus.ru/node/2029).

On July the 26th our friend, one of RTM’s founders, Igor Vladimirovich Vishev (Ph. D.) visited KrioRus with his son and grandson (http://kriorus.ru/blogs/admin/Priezd-filosofa-Igorya-Visheva). His wife, Olga Aleksandrovna Visheva was cryopreserved in KrioRus last year.

Igor Vladimirovich has a cryocontract with KrioRus too.

In the evening Igor Vladimirovich met with young philosophers-transhumanists in the office of RTM.

Igor Vladimirovich told us about his yet to be published article “Death ceased to be inevitable”, which is dedicated to popularization of the idea of unlimited lifespan. We are looking forward to publication!

On July the 28th Alexander Mokaseev, transhumanist and businessman, visited KrioRus with an aquaintance visit. Valeria Pride discussed possible variants of cooperation with him.

We prepared the first billboards in the world with offer to cryopreserve our clients’ pets. In this way, KrioRus makes its first steps to an active marketing, which – due to technological complexity of storage and lack of serial dewar production – was held back by company management. We thank creative activists from RTM for gathering valuable ideas for visual concept for billboards!




Public and Institutional work


Despite the summer vacation season, RTM develops new projects, holds meetings of volunteers and staff, organizes some active social activities.

On July 7 Denis Borisov - as a representative of RTM and "KrioRus" - went to the annual meeting of transhumanists, which took place at the country-house of famous science fiction writer Yuri Nikitin, where were lots of active discussions between the young writers, researchers, programmers and other transhumanists.


On July, 8 Skype-meeting to discuss the organizational structure was held. Vacancies and the scheme of the structure were revised. It was decided to set public announcements about the projects of RTM as a first priority for the Movement. At present there is going on a complete analysis of the archives of all RTM projects, we are preparing detailed descriptions to attract new volunteers and activists to work with Movement. During this whole month we were working on creating a scientific platform for gerontology.

On July, 10 a meeting was held with Alexander Ambartsumov on Networking and robotics trend in RTM and NIC PT.

The project “«vOICe» and sonic vision for the blind", which we started back in 2008, is now at a new level of development. It passed a comprehensive examination http://asi.ru/view_projects/approved_projects/ in ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives). We continue negotiation with the Russian National Society of the Blind - our partner in this project, and are recruiting a team to implement it.

RTM put forward its proposals to improve the law of burial and funeral business, in order to distinguish the scope of this law from cryopreservation procedures, as well as procedures of keeping body for scientific research after legal death.

We have supported the petition of "Wikipedia" site against consideration of the amendments to the Law "On Information" in the State Duma.

From 14 to 19 of July transhumanist team was in Krymsk as volunteers, helping victims of the flood. Details of all the impressions received can be found at LJ of Danila Medvedev - http://livingtomorrow.livejournal.com/2012/07/19/.

The online store "Products of the future» (Style2030.ru) was successfully selling innovative personal vehicle Solowheel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsTVsHVDOkk&feature=player_embedded).

In our IT-project with the working title "Infosoft" we are working on prototypes, raising funds, and preparing an official announcement of the beginning of the activity. Most likely, the project will start in September.

Sergei Euphratov continues to publish news about the development of the project "Digital Immortality" in his blog (http://evfratov.livejournal.com/ , tagged “di”, http://digitalizelife.livejournal.com/). He decided to create a "road map" with sketches of proposed processes and principles. This is a major area of ​​interest for neuroscientist Randal Koene (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randal_A._Koene). The scientist is a promoter of uploading, as well as of ideas about creating an artificial brain. We plan to create "Sensor Costume" for a complete translation of the reality to digital media.

Ministry of Health had not responded in substance to the arguments RTM presented against the enlisting of modafinil in the List II of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Other instances, to which we sent letters requesting to solve this problem, are likely to send them to the Ministry of Health, as well as the Federal Drug Control Service, which were initiators of the enlisting of modafinil into this list.

We received a letter from 10 supporters from Archangelsk, who are interested in technology advancement with the RTM. We are looking forward to when they visit us in September!

Soon the next issue of the journal «Private Inflight» is to be printed, there new transhumanist articles will be published.

We expect to receive new Movement membership cards soon, which are already made.




While Russian television rests on vacation, transhumanistic telecast «Program for the Future» continues to release new series.

In July went on the air the releases of «Program for the Future» on the following subjects:

«The world of robots» (http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/10967/video_id/136406/viewtype/picture),

«The world of 3D printers» 


«The world of eternal youth», (http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/1096HYPERLINK "http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/10967/video_id/140402"7HYPERLINK "http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/10967/video_id/140402"/video_id/140402) и

«The world of artificial organs» (http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/10967/video_id/135673).

Valeria Pride took part in telecast recording about cryonics for the program «Moscow 24». «KrioRus» has prepared to make a diploma film of Russian television and movie star Anna Arlanova, which also will be dedicated to cryonics. Anna will film in early August.

An invitation to KrioRus and RTM for participation in «All-Russian forum of the heads of institutions of health-care system» was received, which will be in November, on the subjects of medicine insurance and service, and on the subject of cryonics.


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