Russian Transhumanism Movement activities in March 2012 report

We apply for participation of Cand. Sc. {Biology} and “CryoRus” academic consultant Mr. Pichugin in two conferences: III International Research and Practice Conference “High-tech Solutions, Fundamental and Applied Research in Physiology and Biomedicine Innovate technology and Biomedicine XIII International Research and Practice Conference “Fundamental and Applied Research, Development and Appliance of High-tech Solutions in Manufacturing Industry and Economics” These conferences will take place in April and May 2012 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Mr. Pichugin will present a report “Brain Preservation in Cryonics” and announce preliminary results of his experiments in January and February 2012.
Unique Russian project Human Aging System Diagram, HASD presents at Science Art’2012 Exhibition from 31st March to 5th April 2012. You can see the art installation and found scientific data. This Exhibition is held as part of First Research and Practice Conference “Science Art’2012” held by Moscow State University.


There is maintenance in the guest house of the new Cryo Bank supervised by “KrioRus” director Valeria Pride. They make a finishing, buy and install new equipment and materials for scientific research.
Fifth dog (and third Russian) was frozen under Mr. Pichugin’s guidance on 20th March 2012. Mr. Pichugin instructed and trained employees and volunteers or “KrioRus” for perfusion of animals and humans.
Valeria Pride made an agreement about sponsorship for programmed freezing machine development with General Director of the company “Technologiya Kholodovoi Tsepi” (Cold Chain Technology) Mr. Andrey Kukharenko.

This new equipment will be a breakthrough in Russian cryonics. Mr. Pichugin will present a new option for cryo clients – vitrification – the modern cryonics technology in which ice crystal formation is completely eliminated.


An important organization meeting was held in RTM office on 10th March 2012. They discussed projects development and activists’ motivation.
We celebrated Danila Medvedev’s birthday 21st March in a nice place called “Café na Lestnitse” with circle of transhumanist friends. Guests could not only chat and enjoy the excellent cuisine but at the same time discuss a couple of work issues. Thanks to Mikhail Batin who helped to organize this party.
«Transhumanism and atheism/religion» meeting took place at the RTM office on March 24th. Representatives from «Zdravomyslie» (sanity), an atheist anticlerical organization were present. There was a fruitful conversation, during which the possible common goals were found and better mutual understanding was achieved.

A new project has appeared “The board game HASD”. This «gerontology» board game was realized mostly thanks to ideas of Evgeniy Bykov with support of IT department and other activists. The project is through SRC FR (Scientific-Research centre of leading technologies). We are gradually upgrading our on-line store “The future goods” ( The progress with creation of a new “KrioRus” web-site with more convenient navigation is near completion. At the moment the photo-gallery is being replenished – there are lots of things to look at! The preparations of redesigning the Human Aging System Diagram web-site are under way. The approved design was developed by Elena Milova, and now we are in phase of elaborating the specifications and gathering the content. Cataloguing and updating of land library is completed as well. The officer for support and developing of our unique library is Evgeniy Bykov.

On 31st of March there was a counsel on results of activity during previous month and on further planning. There was review of projects portfolio, and priority projects were picked. There was adjusting meeting of newly formed HR-department, which is going to look for volunteer specialists.


On the 2nd of March there was a show on air “Program for the future”, featuring “Future without sex” episode

(, on 16th - “Future without paper” (, 22nd - “Future without taboos” ( and 39th - “Future without borderlines” ( On the 9th of March there was planned filming of the episode “Future without the drug-stores” of this show, 16th of March – “Future without minerals”, and on 23rd – “future without fools”.
On the 10th of March there was an organized and successfully held Picket against homeopathy near one of the drug-stores of “36.6” network of pharmacies. This episode was covered by “Maximum program” on NTV channel.
On the 14th of March, Danila moderated discussion on public lectures of “Scolkovo” fund about biomarkers for aging.
On the 15th of March, Valeria Pride – director of “KrioRus” took part in a Michael Zelensky show “Live” on a 1st channel, where topics of cloning and cryopreservation were featured.

On the 17th of March in a Central House of Literature there was a unique sitting of interdisciplinary Seminar on transhumanism and scientific immortalism of Russian Transhumanist Movement together with Club of fantastic tales fans. Sitting was named “Dream-Technology-Reality” under the motto “Were we born to make a dream come true?”, it was the 60th seminar of the RTM movement after 6 years of existence of the organization. Danila Medvedev spoke, and also Valeria Pride, as well as our old friends Boris Georgievich Rezhabeck and Constantine Frumkin. There were also word representatives of Skolkovo innovation groups, Agency of strategic initiatives and project “Digital October”.

During discussion the following problems were looked upon and analyzed: direction of vector of technological development of the leading countries of the world for the nearest 10-30 years; was discussed whether these countries have a goal to come to perfect world of happy improved posthumans or, on the contrary, to come to chaos; how comes to life the sequence “dream-technology-reality”; is it possible, if started with a dream, to build a true and tangible Utopia; whether there is a chance to come away from fantasy to real future.
Upon results of seminar a discussion took place with authors of “Singularity” and ”Singularity-2” books, the goal of discussion was to write and publish a fundamental book about Transhuman Utopia.
In the beginning of April the new magazine “Private in-flight” will be issued. Our authors will present articles named “Space tourism – let’s go”, “Genotyping – as easy as to clean your teeth”, and article “Glamorous cryonics”.
On 26th of March Danila moderated an engrossing lecture about bug-cyborgs. During his official journey to Kiev, Danila lectured about immortality for “Honda” company.
On 26th of March Valeria Pride was present at the sitting “Innovative aspect of healthcare” at Public Chamber.
On 31st of march Danila Medvedev held a Skype conference with Finnish cryo-company.

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