RTD history

RTD history 2002-2006



Russian Transhumanist Movement (RTD) takes its rise from BESSMERTIE.RU website, created by Dmitri Ryazanov in 2000. It was first immortalist website for the whole Russian segment of internet.




In 2002 next step to RTD creation became translation of WTA Transhumanism FAQ to Russian by Danila Medvedev and publishing FAQ in internet. Number of Russian websites published this translation. Among them were really.ru (virtual reality dedicated), popular technological news site cooler.ru and others. This put term “transhumanism” into use for modern Russian society. Prior to FAQ being published, popular Russian search engine Yandex.ru have had 3 transhumanism related links, after it was published number of such links increased to 300, and currently there are more than 25 000 links (including social networks) and 1000 websites.


Russian Transhumanism Movement (RTD) was created in the end of 2003 as an Internet community of few members.





Nest step of further RTD development was meeting of Russian Transhumanists (V.Kosarev, I.Artyuhov, I.Sudak, D.Medvedev, I.Kirilluk) in the end of 2004 at 7th International philosophical-culturological Congress in St.Petersburg. Promotion strategy was developed as well as strategy of transhumanism ideas spread in Russia.



In Jan 2005 first transhumanism and immortalism multidisciplinary seminar was held by RTD. Since then, seminar was held regularly once a month and transhumanists, immortalists, scientists and philosophers are able to communicate and discuss transhumanistm topics there. First seminars was held with cooperation of Fedorov movement (movement dedicated to Russian philosopher N.F. Fedorov). 16 June 2005 seminar acquired accreditation as primary unit of Russian Philosophical Society of Russian Academy of Sciences. So, our seminar became first transhumanist organization in Russian which acquired official status at Russian Academy of Sciences (and possibly first in the world having this kind of status).


Work on number of projects had started. Among them – support and development of Russian cryonic company “KrioRus” (first cryonists meeting was held), creation of anti-aging center, unifying efforts of Russian gerontologists, gathering and systematization of human aging information, development of number of educational and informational websites – “Eternal mind”, starenie.ru. Local RTD meeting had started to be held, discussing transhumanism topics and planning further actions. RTD members had started to regularly participate in international scientific conferences – e.g. TransVision, also gerontology and philosophy related and others.



Great number of seminars, lections and meetings was held. Among them S.Fedorov lections in Bryansk on Supertechnologies (at regional government level). Also summer lections in youth hostel were held.

Location where event took place

Event description


S.Fedorov lections in Bryansk on Supertechnologies (at regional government level)

Summer youth hostel

Lections on Supertechnologies


First local transhumanism seminar (Roman Zhitelew and others)

RGGU (Mosco)

Lection of Grigoriy Samorodov on transhumanism




Three one-day seminars on immortalism for different auditoriums (fascinating lections by philosopher S. Roganov, gerontologist A. Deev and by futurologists and RTD board member D. Medvedev)


Transhumanism event at large club

St. Petersurg

2nd St. Petersburg seminar on transhumanism. Contributors – Danila (on technologies) and Valeriya (on future of sex)

ComCon 2007

Five RTD members made 3 speeches at roleplaying convent.

Russian State Duma

Speech of RTD board members at Russian State Duma round-table discussion of future, organized by one of the Duma’s fractions

St. Petersburg

Non-public screening of transhumanism film “TechoCalyps”

Tsiolkovsky Readings

3 speeches on continuity of transhumanism and cosmism ideas

Fedorov readings

We lead separate section there


Danila Medvedev participated at forum on technologies

Edel Star company

Speech on transhumanism at V. Dovgan’s company “Edel Star”

System analyses institute

Valerie’s talk at philosophical coterie (base lection on H+)

In Feb 2007 RFS president, science director of IF RAN, V. S. Stepin agreed to support our proposal on holding transhumanist and immortalist symposium within the frame of International Philosophical Congress. We are seeking support among international philosophical community. Unfortunately, we were not able to form separate section, round-table discussion was held instead.

M.V. Batin announced creation of non-governmental organization "For lifespan increase" and began promoting immortalist ideas (meetings, workshops, newspapers, magazines, etc.) RTD supported this project. Batin released remarkable book "Anti-aging medicines" containing full of detail argumentation for the scientific immortalism. Issue of Facecontrole.ru magazine was released with immortalism as main theme and number of RTD members contributed to it.

Development of RTD commercial projects was continued: opening of "KrioRus" branches, "Active longevity" club, holding GTD and mental improvement trainings. First RTD training on mindmapping, mental improvement and personal performance improvement was held.

On 1st of March protest action "Nark it, Fountain!" was held against death-favoring film "The Fountain". This action gained lots of media coverage. www.zatkni-fontan.ru is website of this action. RTD members took part in cinemas picketing in towns of their living.

Academic council of Africa Institute approved our book "New technologies and continuation of human evolution. Transhuman project of the future". Book was published by "URSS" in 3000 copies. First pilot issue of the first Russian transhumanist magazine "The day after tomorrow" was released. "City club" published 5 our articles on future. Two lection courses (on supertechnologies and on human modification) were released on "SGU TV" television channel. Omsk local H+ group has been organized. Its members publish "Our future" magazine and are interested in possibility of cryonics promotion in their region.

Significant number of TV shootings (and also magazine articles) on cryonics, immortality, life extension and transhumanism were made. On June 29 "Vremechko" TV show on "TV center" channel was recorded covering all main aspects of immortality. Documentary "Mere immortals" was released covering cryonics, transhumanism, digital immortality.

Lifeboat.com website was translated into Russian. At 24th seminar dedicated to existential risks Philippe van Nedervelde from Lifeboat Foundation delivered his speech via Skype. Also Mike Perry, famous immortalist from Alcor, gave speech at seminar.

In Aug 2007 there was meeting of cryonics proponents in Alabushevo. 6th cryonization was made (whole body). Cryo storage building renovation was started. Two cryonics proponents were found in Voronezh. In 2007 Y. Pichugin from Cryonics Institute visited Moscow. In 2008 another famous cryonist Mike Darwin visited us for giving consultancy.

RTD strategy session was held as well as number of work and activists meetings on following topics: registration of RTD as multiregional nonprofit non-governmental organization and project of world transhumanism activation called "GAFAFAT". Decision for RTD registration was made and later all required documents were submitted to registrator.


Similar to previous years, number of various kinds of events were held with RTD members contributing.

Location where event took place

Event description

St. Petersburg

AI and nano related seminar at Scientist House


I. Kirillyuk talk

Biblio Globus

H+ round-table discussion


Valeria’s H+ talk at philosophical seminar


I. Kirillyuk’s lection on H+ and paradise engineering

ForumFuture Russian house

RTD futurologists participation

 “Knowledge” society

Lections on nanotechnologies

In the beginning of 2008 first Russian dog cryonization was held (at high organizational level). First stage of "KrioRus" building renewal was finished (siding was used). Main sponsors were V. Grebenschikov, owner of "Live with a smile" medical center and one of our cryo client. In June American cryonist visited us which gave significant impulse to "KrioRus" further development and we await for great changes to come. TV show on cryonics was shot for "TVC" with M.Batin and seven other immortalists.

Periodical organizational meetings on RTD, Kriorus and GAFAFAT development have started to take place. In Febuarary RTD board members visited Philip van Nedervalde, famous transhumanist. RTD projects organizational level was increased and we have started to delegate projects to our activists. Council of activists was formed. RTD reorganization is taking place, we develop RTD membership scheme (including regular membership fee), organizational structure improves, and also so do planning and reporting. RTD office was opened within frame of "Science against aging" project, where some RTD members have started their regular work.

In February TV lection course "Supertechnologies and society in the XXI century" were shown on "SGU TV" and in April - "Human modification in the XXI century" lection course. Later all these lections were uploaded to Google Video. Lections on nanotechnologies for Moscow students have started, and transhumanism lections in Korolev were continued. RTD authors’ cooperation with "SYNC" magazine on future topics have started. "FutureVector" - new technology news maillist was created. RTD centralized media collection storage was organized.

Actions on number of H+ projects were made. M.Batin has started project on development of science project on ending aging, having its goal to receive large amount of governmental funding. We will help him to achieve this. Business plan draft for "Activity Longevity" project was made. "VOICE" project has started. We plan to recover I.V. Vishev's (famous immortalist philosopher), vision. Website redesign is going on. Plan of its new structure is ready. We decided to create new section of website dedicated to Digital Immortality and Sensory Outfit. Preliminary name of this section is "Total recall". One of project coordinators is A. Potapov. TV shoots on digital immortality and sensory outfit were made. Development of Immortality Achievement Roadmap has started. Singularity achievement organizational strategy is under development.



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