Report on the activities of RTD for December 2011

December 5-6, was the date of an innovative forum in Astana, on the 20th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The forum was attended by invitation by a member of the CC (Coordinating Council), RTM, a leading Russian futurist Danila Medvedev who delivered a lecture upon "Leapfrogging for Kazakhstan. High technology projects and implementation, a true opportunity for world leadership in the 21st Century" highlighting trends in high technology futuring. Also, Danila gave an interview for the website of Prime Minister Karim Masimov. His performance impressed the audience, encouraged and enabled people to establish useful contacts for further cooperation.



On November 2011 we organized a trip to the Pushchino for KrioRus Director Valerie Udalova (Pride) and cryobiologist, PhD Yuri Pichugin to reach final agreement with the neurophysiological laboratory in order to undertake a joint series of scientific experiments in the field of cryonics. Experiments upon rat hippocampal slices will begin on January 16, 2012 and will last approximately 1 to 5 months. We plan to publish results in scientific journals. These experiments are a necessary step towards reversible cryopreservation of large biological objects.

Also in January 2012 we planned to improve equipment of our cryolaboratory and Research Center for Advanced Technology (SIC AT), as well as training for staff atKrioRus. A new phase of endeavor upon the aging schematic began in autumn with the participation of D. Medvedev, A. Krementsova, B. Kaurov, V. Pride, P. Ilyin, E. Zimin among other gerontologists and volunteers. We created and released a new and lucid presentation of the aging schematic and resumed ongoing revision and improvement. Progress can be particularly observed at the "Getsatisfaction" section on the project website /p>




Back in August 2011 a new location for cryogenic storage by KrioRus was finally selected. The real estate lot of 20 acres was chosen in a quiet landscaped area to the north of Moscow. The building architecture is in the style of constructivism, and practical and easily reconfigured,– After a few months the modular construction will be expandable,, doubling or tripling interior square footage , and raising interior heating capacity to accommodate laboratory experiments as needed, and in laying foundation for a durable cellar. The structure will soon be equipped with automatic lighting, heating, monitoring, surveillance cameras, of even an intelligent home automation. Also, connected to the new state of the art facility, an historic a two-story house is located on the premises, which will not only provide residence for security officers guarding the facility and working there, but also guest quarters. Now that this structural renovation is complete, a modern interior will be furnished. And in the spring landscape design will commence. On December 25 KrioRus employees, including Pavel Ilyin, Denis Borisov, Andrei Shwedko and our volunteers prepared to move all cryopatients. Transferred from the cryonics dewar "Anabios-1", where the temperature rose from -196 to -80 degrees in few weeks, to a reliable cryocontainer with dry ice for transport. Also on December 24, a woman from Chelyabinsk region has been cryoconservated. In December, two new contracts for cryonic internment where also signed.




New format changes where implemented for RTM meetings. For example, the famous coach Igor Nezovibatko had lunch meeting for transhumanists to get acquainted. Also through November of 2011 meetings took place regularly on Saturdays in the office of RTM, seeking solutions to the challenges we face and to promote new projects. On December 17 in one of these meetings psychological training by Elena Milova took place in the form of game seminar upon managing emotions and mastering the skills of control and proper application. Since political issues were trending through December in Russia, we also held a meeting upon "Transhumanism and politics" on the theme of pertinent impact of rising democracy, discussing in particular, all question of any "need to be officially registered as a Transhumanist political party?" On the one hand many of us believe that the transhumanists are beyond contemporary politics, and take greater concern regarding the real radical extension of human life and transition thereby towards posthumanity. But on the other hand some of our colleagues deem it necessary and productive to cooperate with the authorities. RTM has performed in the State Duma with reports about the future, conducted a meeting upon immortality, has worked with government agencies in different countries in the promotion of Transhumanist projects. And on December 24th some thirty or so Transhumanist activists flying banners participated in a rally organized by Michael Batin.



With the participation of Danila Medvedev as a permanent host of "Program for the Future" on channel Russia-2 segments were produced, entitled: "Space settlement", "Multi-polar world". "Doomsday" for release in January. The latest issue of "Private flights» (Private InFlight Magazine)” was released in December., with which we have continued to cooperate. Co-owners of the magazine, the famous rock producer Andrew Tropillo and businessman Igor Kolobaev, who offered us a partnership. They are interested in topics in which we have expertise. This month several articles where published about the future and new technologies, including "Rail transport - yesterday, today and tomorrow" by Medvedev, "Stem Cells: An instruction manual" and "Do not believe in the obvious" by Valerie Pride. The impressive design of december issue of the magazine was created by "Territoria brendov" company of Tatana Shifrina.


Public performances


International scientific readings in memory of N.F. Fedorov where held in Moscow on 8-11 of December, presenting two lectures by Valerija Pride, lectures by Danila Medvedev, Igor Artyuhov, Igor Kiriluk and other speeches by active members of the RTM.



Translated by Maria Fedorkova, Nicholay Mazurok, Pavel Ilyin, Elizabeth Markina, Vladimir Yafet with language and copy editing by Aaron Agassi.

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