Activity Report of January 2012

Russian Transhumanist Movement




We still conduct work under «Human Aging System Diagram» project with participation of Danila Medvedev, Anna Krementsova and Boris Kaurov, Valeria Pride, Pavel Ilyin, Eugeniy Zimin and other gerontologists, and with help of our volunteers.

In January,9 for work under “HASD” project gerontologist Boris Kaurov came to Moscow. At the same time we were working with I.V.Artuhov and Anna Krementsova.

January 14 in RTM was conducting a meeting about making immediate corrections in HASD, due to Danila Medvedev’s next trip to California for participation in Gordon Research Conference where he will make presentation of HASD project. The discussion was attended by Vleria Pride, Danila Medvedev, Igor Kirriluk, Denis Borisov, Maria Fedorkova, Segey Evfratov, Elena Milova, Vladimir Kozlov, Igor Sofronov, Eugeniy Reznikov.

Model of scheme constantly improving in terms of informational content and visual display. One can easily see the changes in HASD in «Getsatisfaction» block at HASD site

Scientific Consultant of «KrioRus» U.I. Pichugin at 16 of January started his joint work with с neurophysiological laboratory of Science Research Institute in Puschino and received interim results in scientific researches on survival of hippocampus of rats after deep hypothermia with neurophysiological evaluation of slices.

For the first time the state of slices was evaluated with long-term potentiation method.




12 the last stage of patients transportation to new storage house in the North part of Moscow region has ended. For nearly two months we were lowering the level of liquid nitrogen in a Dewar “Cryostasis-1”. Transportation and installation were carried out on January,4 by working brigade under the supervision of Valeria Pride (Udalova). The brigade was consisted of 8 volunteers and staff members: Denis Borisov, Andrey Shvedko, Lipin brothers Stas and Ivan, Eugeniy Zimin, Roman Lubimov, Sergey Uchzevich and Viktor Zykov.

January 12 we transported our patients in cryostat specially built for this purpose, which was filled with dry ice. The detailed photo report of transportation was created by Stas Lipin.


The refinement of interior and exterior design of storage building and landscaping of surrounding territory is still ongoing. January 14 the building has acquired its finished look, gates and doors were painted white. Soon we will begin completion stage of the external and internal design. Lilia Nikitina agreed to make a 3D model of storage house and surrounding territory and also to develop landscape design.




Starting from January 1 at 18-00 the first Workcamp “Dawn-2012” was conducted. It lasted until 21-00 of January 7.

We discussed development of RTM site, planning of movement of KrioRus, the design details of finishing storage house, improvement of important projects. Activities were conducted on the development of social beliefs of transhumanists and other questions we were interested in.

The event provided an opportunity to like-minded people to participate in the creation of transhumanist future, and learn to express themselves, to communicate with interesting people.

The work on the RTM site completes, we connecting all new activists. Pavel Ilyin organizing RTM site translation on French.

Sergey Evfratov controlling translation of “Roadmap for artificial human brain” and prepares articles for Gordon research conference.

We continue weekly meetings in the RTM office, which are usually held on Saturdays.

On January 15 we held a small internal conference named «Transformation of Society». We discussed questiong like history of society, its past and present, trends of development, and how transhumanists without being a professionals in politics, management, economics, could make an impact on how society develops.

On January 21 there was another meeting on education. Denis Dmitriev, honorary sponsor of KrioRus, gave a talk on the current state of educaton in Russia. Danila Medvedev presented the concept of a shorter way to self-education. Economist Maxim Kholin presented two new ways of popularisation of RTM's activities: through Wikipedia and through Google grant for non-profits.

Philologist and psychologist Elena Milova used Skype to consult and coach RTM's activists. She helped them to calibrate their motivational systems and solve emotional problems. She also prepared a project of RTM's internal report system aimed to impro му our management.

On January 21 Danila Medvedev began working as a head of department of futurology of Moscow Technical University. We hope, that it will be new stage in development of futurologist direction of RTM, which we improve since 2005. Also MTU gave RTM Emotiv EPOC.

We create a scheme of organizational structure of RTM, we fill vacancies of participants and activists, were conducting system of daily reports.





On January 2 the new episode of our tv-show “Program for the Future” which is aired on Russia-2 channel with Danila Medvedev on “Space colonies” topic. January 12 episode covering Segway was premade(, in the end of January –

The never ending peace” and “Conscious animals”. Also in February we plan the filming of new episodes in California.

We also put an emphasize on writing articles which could communicate non-standard visions of future. But any article is too short for complex ideas, and sometimes book is required. At this moment Valerija Pride is writing a book “Cryonics – why is it correct”, and Igor Kirilyuk is writing the “History of Immortalism”.



Appearance on TV and other


On January 20th Valerija Pride took part in filming the TV talk-show “Let them speak”, starring Andrey Malakhkov, the topic was «End of the World - The signs». Pitifully, her talk was badly cut down because the directors weren’t interested in protecting science.

As for more - Danila has moderated Digital October – a knowledge stream, on the 18th of January.


Among the nearest events will be Danila’s participation in the Gordon Research Conference at US, California on 12-17th of February, where he presented the project «Human Aging System Diagram»


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