RTM activity report for October 2012
Dear adherents! 

RTM news is with you!


The work of KrioRus is diverse, interesting and necessary for our friends and adherents. In October work in fulfillment of contracts pertaining to 'Future Directive' continued, and events where conducted concerning first experiences with protection of the wills of crio-patients. Work proceeded on cryo-faciliries hardware updates.

In late October two of our transhumanist's friends signed contracts for cryonization.

On October 13 there was a meeting devoted to the crisis arising over the cryopreservation of Voronin.


Science is our fundamental principle and greatest ally in the implementation of the ideas of KrioRus. We will employ every the scientific resource and support to help scientists and engineers in their difficult but necessary work: the struggle for survival of the people, hale and whole!

At the beginning of october Yuri Pichugin began a series of new experiments.

And within a month, he conducted experiments to test the toxicity of Freon-22 in water fleas, clathrate formation of Freon-22 at 1.5 atmospheres, the freezing of water fleas to the formation of clathrates of Freon-22 and water fleas freezing with glycerol. Experiments will continue using xenon. The results of the experiments will be reported in a special RTM research seminar in November.

On October 18 the first meeting on planning of cooperation with laboratories for studying of biopsies and a cell condition of crio-patients took place.


Social work

We protect not only human life, but also the right to choose what sort of life: free or at the mercy of others.

News Flash!

On October 30 an emergency operation on the liberation of slaves was accomplished, by helping people escape a utility room of a Moscow sweatshop where they where forcibly detained, working without pay and subjected to sexual violence and beaten. Members of the youth movement Alternative, with the support of the RTM, many transhumanists and volunteers, succeeded to rescue the slaves, while the shop owner attempted to remove them along with their children. Report submitted by participant of operation, Danila Medvedev. Work proceeded on this operation proceeded into October 31 . The disposition of the women and their children rescued was resolved without delay. Children were returned to their mothers. But so many remain helpless in bondage! We will continue to do everything for them within our power!


Organizational work

From line one of this news story about our organizational work, from the desire to express the warmest feelings, with gratitude for preserving the love of art and literature, we are eager to share the good news of the month: Stas Liping donated to the RTM library 20 books from the classics of fiction! Stas is not the first person who give away their favorite books to our library, to share their literary experiences with their fellow readers. Thank you to everyone for these generous and valuable gifts for The RTM library!

Our principle, long standing and successfully operating projects are actively promoted to attract new financial opportunities and friendships. New projects are gaining momentum, confidently on the path of dynamic progress.

As of October 2nd we proceeded towards partnership with the HASD project with Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, the head of the Liverpool laboratory on aging and the project: ageing-map.org and a group headed by him. A planned meeting according to the project will be conducted very soon. All interested are invited.

On October 10 the meeting on HASD took place. Strategic planning for upcoming actions where developed: synchronization of data; information filling; improvement of on-line viewing and more.

Full speed ahead in preparation of material resources for the vOICе project.

We have received the proposal of our compatriot living in France, to carry out rejuvenating and improving procedures for his mother within the AVITs project.

Work upon the NANOCAD project is unflagging. Within a week the projections for financing (on October 15-21) where prepared and sent out. Also, the working prototype is ready. On October 26 negotiations in Skolkovo with investors concluded successfully. We appeal to all and sundry, never to relinquish the future, not only in business, but also the interests of all mankind, especially the population of our country!

On October 7 and 8 there where meetings upon the organization of presentation of the scientific work of KrioRus at a scheduled exhibition: «Health care industry – 2012» on November 19-20.

We prepared materials for installation, purchase of the practice dummy "Maxim" upon which the perfuziya will be presented, the brochures for KrioRus company are ready, and young volunteers Sascha and Nikita project: the model version of the cryostat. A great deal of work in preparation for participation in an exhibition is carried out by our new marketing employee, Olga Korovina.

We invite you too, dear adherents, to participation in our projects. Send us your ideas on public relations of our scientific work at exhibitions, on design for stands and models.

On October 15-21 will be preparation for carrying out the second round table within the precincts of public organization «Business Russia». Topic: «Algologiya and techniques of complex treatment of pain». This is an important direction of medicine that has acquired great popularity in the USA. Unfortunately, this science is stalling here at home. Our duty is to inform people of global technologies and developments necessary for the extension of active healthy life. We have already expounded upon importance of problems of life of mankind without pain more than once, in particular: A «Future Directive» segment entitled: «The world without pain».

On October 22, 2012 we held the next meeting for beginners. Founders of the RTM Valery Prayd and Danila Medvedev told the story of the creation of the RTM, about the various directions of work, development strategy. Employees and activists of the RTM where acquainted with internal work on projects of beginners. Also meeting participants where afforded opportunity to beta test neurogames from our Internet shop «Future goods», etc.

At the end of October work on placement of the "KrioRus" banners across Moscow began.

On October 20 Danila Medvedev held a meeting devoted to the real estate of the "KrioRus" and The Shop of the Future.

Renovation of the RTM command center proceeds apace.

Work with Mass media and Press Release

We meet with different people of the various religions, unlike and often opposing views upon life, culture and ethics. It helps not only organizers of the RTM set upon our own course, but also to answer the questions of many people interested in our work bearing upon its unique purpose in help of all who live.

Continuing to propagandize life, health and individual free will, the management and activists of the RTM hold meetings and press conferences, issue articles and participate in telecasts.

In October there transpired a meeting with the orthodox philosophers, devoted to questions of cryonics, organized by transhumanist Evgeny Bykov. From the RTM, Valeria Prayd, Danila Medvedev, Maria Fedorkova took part. Also there were our friends who contributed a great deal, including Anastas Gachev, the Doctor of Philology and senior research associate of the Institute of the world literature named for A.M.Gorky of the Russian Academy of Sciences, employee of the Museum library of N.F.Fedorov and Boris Rezhabek, Candidate of Biology, and department chair of Nanobionics of «the International University of Interdisciplinary Knowledge». The warm and friendly chat, of course, not without sincere, lively discussion, took place in the temple of All Sacred on Kulishkakh (the Alexandria farmstead) in China-town.

On October 8 Igor Elkov interviewed Valeria Prayd and Danila Medvedev about KrioRus for the RN.

On October 10 at KrioRus, Kuzminok Sergey Vladimirovich and Evgeny Aleksandrovich Balabas gave interviews for the 'Computerra'.

On October 5 «The world without schools» feature our youngest transhumanist, eleven year old Alexander Melanchenko.

On October 12 shooting concluded for the upcoming «Future Directive» segment «The world without appearance» with participation of body doubles of Danila Medvedev.

On October 19 shooting concluded for the upcoming «Future Directive» segment «The world - an ant hill». wherein different views on our world are presented.

In the twentieth of October the telecast shooting concluded for the upcoming «Future Directive» segment «zombie world». 

Soon telecast about our shop of marvels «Future Goods» will go on the air. The material for this telecast was prepared by the TV company REN- TV for the program of «100 percent».

PNB has produced an English language dub of «the world of eternal youth».

On October 5 on REN-TV telecast "Confidential Zone" «In search of eternal life» with Danila Medvedev and Dmitry Kvasnikov.

On the first of October Valeria Prayd gave an interview for Vladimir Dovgan"s Academy of Success.

On October 9 Danila Medvedev appeared as the expert in the international House of music at the Forum "IT LEADING"devoted to the subject «The future world eyes of leaders of economy». Also Danila gave consultation for «the Businessman the Power» all about financing projects and scientific researches.

All October preparation in earnest of the slick new glossy magazine "Gent's" Small Free Business Alliance proceeded.

On October 24 in the Golden Ring Hotel, presentation of the Gent's Club Magazine of Tatyana Shifrina and Anastasia Shin took place. Danila Medvedev was invited as the leader of the action. Valeria Prayt was presented, as the editor of the main section of the NBIC ROOM magazine in which was published the article «Transcendental technologies of tomorrow» written by our employee Evgeny Zimin.


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