Report on RTM activity in June 2012


As you know, "KrioRus" company was conceived in the bowels of public organisation "Russian Transhumanist Movement (RTM)" and now KrioRus is a significant project of RTM. That's why in our RTM reports we constantly do mention about changes in this project. For example in June 2012 we continued improving the guest house for the cryonic facility. Also this month we built the fence around the area and installed surveillance cameras to increase the safety of the perimeter.

On June 30th was cryopreserved the cat Kotya, pet of the first Russian cryo-patient, who was cryopreserved in the year 2003.


Also, at last, the new web-site was launched, with better design and more user-friendly structure. Sections in seven different languages are being prepared currently.


Public and organisational work


In June, despite the beginning of summer colloquium and vacations, RTM activists, among other things, worked closely on protecting modafinil against prohibiting law; modafinil is an important pharmaceutical which overrides the drowsiness, so increasing the effectiveness of work.

On the first of June RTM began the struggle with the new resolution of Russian Federation government that prohibits modafinil. Press-release was prepared, and the article on the Wikipedia about modafinil was updated. Panel discussion dedicated to prohibition of modafinil is being prepared, and if needed, we plan the actions of protest - the meeting and pickets.

      The mailing to the government agencies with presentation of the real facts about modafinil has been finished. RTM addresses to the officials, asking to exclude modafinil from the List #2, and also help with registration of this preparation in Russian Federation. Letters were sent to the president of RF and to the Deputy Prime Minister, to Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, Ministry of Health and other related organizations. Medics are being notified about the situation, outreach work in the media is under way.

      On the first of June our colleague and associate Daria visited annual conference of American Aging Association (American Aging Association (AGE)), where she got acquainted with leading American gerontologists and representatives of the National Institute of Health (USA).

      It's nice, that novelties keep coming to our internet-store "Future goods" ( For example, it's  Solowheel - a portable unicycle and these wonderful summer topless sandals, which are also worth mentioning. Futuristic topless sandals lack the usual top part, and outwardly they look like a simple shoe sole, however glued with a special glue upon the foot they turn into second skin - dense, soft and comfortable. This novelty prevents peeves formation between the toe fingers, prevents white stripes at the tanned foot and small pebbles which can get in between the shoe and the legs.

     Also another project is being prepared to launch, which working name is "Infosoft", this is a set of different solutions - for search, navigational and organizational tasks, united under global interface at single platform.

Cooperation with mass media and appearances

In June there were issued three episodes of "Program on the future", hosted by Danila Medvedev, named "The world without mistakes", "The world of safety" and "The world of space settlements".

On the 8th of June Valeria Pride appeared on the air of the radio "Komsomolskaya pravda" at the show "The Business and a little bit of personal".

In the end of June Valeria Pride and Yuriy Pichugin took part in a talk-show "Ukraine is speaking" ("Ukrain" radio channel), dedicated to the cryonics. Daniil Fedorenko, the KrioRus's client, and Igor Sudak, the science-fiction writer, also were present.


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