First seminar on transhumanism organised by the Russian Transhumanist Movement

On January 15, 2005 Russian transhumanists organised their first seminar, making the next step after already participating in several conferences conducted by other organisations. The Moscow Interdisciplinary Seminar on Immortalism and Transhumanism was organised in the Library-Museum of Nikolaj Fedorov in Moscow.

This seminar was organised in two months after the suggestion by Igor Kirilyuk on Russian transhumanist mailing list on November 15, 2004. It clearly became a very important development for immortalism and transhumanism in Russia. Like-minded people united by the common goal of throwing off the abominable bondage of “species-specific life expectancy of Homo Sapience” met face-to-face for the first time and realised our strength and our ability to change the world.

After a short introduction, three presentations were given:

  • Scientific methods of life extension, B. G. Rezhabek
  • Transhumanism: basic principles and history, I. V. Artyukhov
  • Obstacles and traps on the path to new humans and new society, A. A. Olikevich (co-chairman of Youth Scientific Society)

After the presentations and introduction of other participants, the discussion continued in a more relaxed atmosphere. Immortelle tea ( was served and everyone discussed the plans for further development of the transhumanist movement, confident in our eventual success.

The seminar gathered 25 immortalists and transhumanists of diverse backgrounds — researchers, entrepreneurs, etc. Among them were both known Russian transhumanists, such as I. Artyukhov, B. Rezhabek and E. Minsker, and new participants, interested in promoting transhumanism. Some of the organisations presented at the seminar were:

  • Moscow State University (bioengineering and chemistry departments)
  • Institute of Medical-Biological problems
  • Moscow Physical-Technical University
  • Russian Academy of Science Institute of History of Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Nanotechnology News Network
  • Russian Academy of Science Institute of Mathematical Modelling
  • Russian State Humanitarian University
  • International Academy of Science and Business Integration
and several other non-governmental organisations.

The Russian Transhumanist Movement was organised in December 2003 with the goal of readying the society for the emergence of transhumanist technologies. Since then the members of the Movement has participated in several scientific conferences, presenting papers on different aspects of transhumanism. The Movement is promoted at related seminars with immortalist and transhumanist materials distributed.

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Related site: (bessmйrtie means “immortality” in Russian)
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The Library-Museum of Nikolaj Fedorov was organised in 1993 in Moscow ( The library collection includes books by the famous philosopher himself, books by other Russian cosmist thinkers (K. E. Tsiolkovsky, V. I. Vernandsky, A. L. Chizhevsky, etc.) and Western philosophers who developed the ideas of active evolution (A. Bergson, P. Teyar de Chardin). Furthermore, the collection includes many books on futurology, globalistics, ecology and history of science. Expositions of books on biology and immortology, history of space exploration are held.


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