Russian Transhumanist Movement

The Russian Transhumanist Movement was organised in December 2003 with the goal of readying the Russian society for the emergence of transhumanist technologies. Since then the members of the Movement has participated in several scientific conferences, presenting papers on different aspects of transhumanism. The Movement is promoted at related seminars with immortalist and transhumanist materials distributed.

You can read the English version of our website using Google Translate (relatively good quality).


Since January 2005 the Movement organises the monthly Interdisciplinary Seminar on Transhumanism and Scientific Immortalism (ISTSI). In May 2005 it was registered as a primary unit of the Russian Philosophical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RPhS RAS). Thus ISTSI has become the first transhumanist organization in Russia officially registered in the structure of RAS. Among the ISTSI members there are many professionals from Moscow and other Russian cities working in the areas such as gerontology, cryobiology, computer sciences, etc.

We are also happy to meet fellow transhumanists from abroad whenether they happen to visit Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. If you are a foreign transhumanist and are coming to Russia, please let us know and we will be delighted to meet you.

Other projects

Other projects of the Movement include:

  • Establishment of a Russian cryonics company
  • Gerontology projects (anti-aging), particularly in relation to simulation of the human organism
Members of the movement are exploring various ways to promote transhumanism in Russia in addition to holding a regular seminar. These include publication of articles in related magazines, participation in TV programs, etc.

Website contents

The official site of the movement ( has five sections (all materials are in Russian):
  1. Introduction — the texts about transhumanism, immortalism and relevant fields (such as nanotech, robotics, cryonics, futurology, etc.) targeted at novices. Eventually we will get flash intros and videos to further lower the barrier of entry.
  2. Self-upgrade — instructional and informational texts about intelligence augmentation with computers, nootropics, anti-aging and other current ways to improve yourself.
  3. Library — a collection of texts about transhumanism and other related topics. Hopefully we will also get a separate subsite on Russian cosmism in cooperation with the Fedorov movement and other sections.
  4. The Movement — a section with information about who we are, what we are doing, etc. News and reports from various events that we participate in.
  5. Projects — there is a number of projects that we are trying to realise, including our seminar, a local cryonics group/company, a survey on ageing and other stuff.
  6. Advocacy materials — here we will collect materials that other people can use to promote transhumanism. Leaflets and stuff.


With any questions, requests for additional information or cooperation proposals please contact Danila Medvedev at


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